Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Whether you see mold spores or you smell a musky odor, Maxwell can help. If mold is left untreated or is not remediated correctly, the growth can be destructive. Mold can cause respiratory issues and lead to illness.

Common places for Remediation

Behind walls
​Under Carpet

Attic Mold
Attic Mold

What’s involved in Mold Remediation?

At Maxwell, our workers and the family staying in the home is our #1 priority. Mold spores are as fine as dust and if the environment is not contained and maintained, cross contamination is possible. We complete every Mold Remediation job as if it was in our own home.

Air testing may be required before any remediation, depending on the severity of the growth.
Setting up containment in the affected area with negative air is very important to not cross contaminate the rest of the home. Our techs will set up plastic walls that are air tight and will install a negative air fan in the affected area with a HEPA filter along with a negative air fan outside the affect area just as a precaution.

Once we have negative air in the affected area, we will begin removing all items with growth present that can not be cleaned. This may include drywall, carpet, and insulation.
When the affected area is prepped and ready for remediation, we begin cleaning the mold with approved disinfectants and stain removers set forth by the IICRC.

As soon as the mold has been remediated, we seal the area to encapsulate the dead mold spores.
At Maxwell, we understand the concern of your loved ones in the home. That’s why we perform an air test at the conclusion of EVERY remediation.

Attic Mold
Before and After of Attic Mold
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