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You Need Professional Board Up Services

Emergency board ups can become a necessity when you least expect it. Whether your home was broken into, suffered storm damage, or sustained fire or smoke damage, you can count on us 24/7 to take care of emergency board ups. Our emergency crew is on call around the clock and will respond whenever you need us.

Call Us in Your Time of Need

We will handle all the measuring, cutting, and installation of your board up materials. We work carefully to install the boards and tarps, taking extra care to avoid any additional damage to your roof or siding. We are fully prepared and equipped to take immediate action to protect your property from unwanted entry or from the weather.

Our Board-Up Process

When your property is damaged, you need to take immediate action to protect it against additional damage. At Maxwell Building Services, our emergency board up team will arrive quickly and fully equipped with all the equipment and materials needed to board up your home properly. You have enough to deal with in the aftermath of a disaster, so let us help protect your property. If your home is in need of emergency board-up services, give us a call for fast, professional service.

Turn off Water

All utilities should be disconnected at the street level. Turning off all water and draining the system to its lowest point is crucial. Leave faucets open and put anti-freeze in all traps containing water.

Remove Flammables

We’ll remove all upholstered furniture, combustible materials and trash from the home. Then, we’ll remove trash and trash containers from the exterior. This also includes any vegetation that could spread a fire.

Full Inspection

We’ll do a complete inspection to ensure all openings and entry points including the basement, first floor doors and windows are accounted for. This includes all fire escapes and other potential climbing points for additional security measures.

Secure the Building

From here, we’ll cut plywood to fit perfectly over all windows and door openings, ensuring the pieces are flush with the outside of the molding. We work carefully to install the boards and tarps, taking extra care to avoid any additional damage.

Our Board Up Services

Building temporary walls may be required if your home or business suffered some type of impact. Whether you suffered a break-in or had a fire, Maxwell Building Services can board up your windows and doors, 24/7. We will secure any entry points to your home to protect the contents of your home from theft or damage.

  • Temporary Walls
  • Windows & Doors
  • Roof Tarps
  • Trash Removal
  • Disconnect Utilities
  • Shrubbery Removal

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