Water Damage – What To Do First

water damage warren, water damage cleanup warren, water removal warrenThere’s nothing that throws a wrench in your plans quite like unexpected water damage. Perhaps you were away on vacation and your basement flooded or your roof leaked. Perhaps a pipe to your washing machine broke and you are now facing what seems like endless amounts of water in your home. Your plans are ruined, and you may feel helpless. We’ve all been there. (Well, maybe not 100% of us, but close. Did you know that 98% of homes will experience some sort of water damage within their life span? That means that a large percentage of us have been there.) Luckily, because it is such a common problem, there are certified technicians, like Maxwell Building Services in Warren who know how to fix it and get your home back in tip-top shape right away. Here are a few things you should do immediately when you discover significant water damage

  1. Remember safety first. Don’t rush into an area and attempt to begin restorations if it is unsafe to do so. After assessing the safety of the situation, take precautions such as turning off the power to the area and the water supply if accessible. This can help stop more water from flowing in in some cases, too. Try not to come into contact with the water if it may have come from a contaminated source. Make sure your family, loved ones, and pets are safe and out of the way. If you have significant flooding, be extremely cautious and remember that things are heavier when they are wet. Do not trust floors or ceiling structures that are sagging in. 
  2. Grab and stow away valuables. In addition to grabbing cash, birth certificates and other important documentation, or expensive goods, remember things that have sentimental value. It would be a travesty if you lost your photo albums or your grandmother’s priceless lace tablecloth because you forgot about them at the moment. 
  3. Remove rugs and loose articles from the floor. These things, if they sit on the wet floor for long periods of time, can lose their color and stain the floor underneath. When in doubt, take it our if possible. 
  4. Call in help from a professional. This step is important and is often delayed too long. If you do this early in your restoration process, help can be on the way even in the early stages and you can be doing other things while you wait for them to arrive. Don’t wait to do everything you can yourself before realizing you need help and wasting time. Each minute that water stands, things get more damaged and harder to restore. 

For your expert water damage restoration help in Warren, go ahead and give Maxwell Builders today. When we receive your call, we make it our goal to be at your home within 60 minutes of receiving the call, and our restoration experts are certified, reliable, and well-trained. After all, water damage is a serious bummer; your restoration process shouldn’t add to the hassle.