Roof Replacement & Repair | Roof Damage Restoration Pro Tip

Do You Need Roof Replacement or Repair? One of the ways to tell may surprise you! AGAIN? yes, we recommend that you clean out your gutters twice a year! Look in the gutter bottoms for loose granules that signal your asphalt roof may need replacing. Since we are on the topic of GUTTERS, you know that […]

Roof Inspection How To Inspect For Roof Damage | Roof Restoration Pro Tip

How To Properly Do a Roof Inspection or Hire Us to do A Professional Restoration Company Inspection for you, free of charge. Your roof works hard all year round why not give it some TLC? If you feel comfortable ​walking around on your roof, check to see how it is doing. Are shingles missing or […]

Restoration Repair Prevention: Easy Avoid Costly Restoration Expenses | Restoration Pro Tip

How To: Easy Restoration Repair Prevention Restoration repair prevention: Exterior painting and wood replacement can be very pricey.  But, with proper and constant maintenance, these repairs can be avoided.  When wood is left to the elements, it will began to rot and rot fast. Simple scraping and painting in these areas will prolong wood rot […]