Water Damage Restoration

Whether you have a need for water damage restoration or a flooded basement, MAXWELL can clean up the mess and repair any damages. Call our office day or night and speak to one of our IICRC certified water techs. We are fully licensed and insured.

Most insurance policies require the insured to take actions to mitigate further damage. Experts agree that the first 48 hours are critical in preventing the growth of mold and other microbes that can lead to an unhealthy environment and the need for more extensive structural repairs. That’s why it’s important to have professionals on site as soon as possible to remove all excess water and set up the proper equipment to produce large amounts of dry air and begin the drying process immediately.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Any amount of water in your home can be overwhelming and if it’s not removed quickly, it can be devastating.  Water damage leads to mold and mold growth starts after 48-72 hours after exposure if the affected area has not been dried and cleaned properly.

Without proper cleaning and drying of a damp area, mold will prosper. In cases where you may already have mold, Maxwell offers professional mold remediation services as well.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services


We strive to keep our company green, which is why we use a product that is specifically designed to eliminate and remove any harmful growth or bacteria, while not doing any harm to the environment. It’s important to keep in mind when using cleaners in your home that not only are you breathing and possibly touching these strong chemical, but you are also discarding them into our water systems.

Appliance Failure

Several areas of your beloved, trusted home can turn on you, causing buckets of damage. Your kitchen is home to a dishwasher, with a simple line connecting a large basin of water to your plumbing system. One bump on that line can cause a flooded kitchen, with water seeping between your flooring and under you cabinets. A water damage restoration company like Maxwell, can assess the extent of the damage, dry and sanitize the area, and put your kitchen back together, if not better than before. Toilet backups are very common and are easily preventable. Do not flush anything that’s not meant to be flushed down the toilet, and avoid wipes that advertise as ‘flushable’. Use a lid lock if you have small children and monitor toilet paper  usage! Sewage water is category 3 water, the worst kind you could have in your home. If this water is left for even a short amount of time, you’re looking at stripping and sanitizing the water damaged areas. Luckily, Maxwell is very experienced in cleaning up these types of messes and can even put your bathroom back together, all in one.
Sump Pump failure
Sump pumps have one job: keep your structure dry. When groundwater increases, like after a heavy rainfall or storm, your sump pump moves the water away from your home, as to avoid flooding. If it fails to do its job, water will accumulate under your basement or crawlspace and build up till you have a flood.
Sewage water in your basement
If you have a flooded basement with category 3 sewage water, you do NOT want to mess around. Maxwell Building Services is a water damage restoration company that you can count on to restore your basement’s integrity. Anything cat 3 water comes into contact with needs to be discarded, or if possible, professionally cleaned and sanitized. Once the sanitizing process is complete, our fleet of super machines will dry, dehumidify and filter your basement. Now that the repair process is complete, Maxwell can help you rebuild the perfect basement space for you and your family.

Mitigation Process

Initial Inspection– An IICRC WRT tech (Water Restoration Technician) will meet you at you home with in 1 hour.  We will take moisture readings and map where the water has gone through the affected area.  During this time, we will walk you through the insurance process.

Mitigation-Immediately following the Initial inspection, we will start to mitigated the affected area. Every water damage job that is presented is different from the last one. We will put together a plan that fits your scenario. Our techs have a vast knowledge of the drying process which helps speed up the drying time.

Monitoring– The drying equipment is usually left running onsite for 3-5 days. During this time, we take moisture readings and document them for you and your insurance carrier. Once we reach the dry standard for your home and environment, we can remove the equipment and prep for the reconstruction.​

Documentation– All insurance companies require photos and paperwork to move forward with any claim. We will prepare moisture maps, daily logs, photos, and our invoice to your insurance company.

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