Storm Damage

Does Your Home Or Buisness Have Storm Damage?

Maxwell Building Services: Storm Damage Restoration Experts!


From hail damage, to fallen trees, we can handle any storm damage job that you need.

We offer 100% FREE inspections.  Weather you need an evaluation of your roof or you need a hail inspection, we are at your service!

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From fallen trees to blown off shingles, Maxwell does it all. Our  storm 24 hour emergency services included,

  • Roof tarp
  • Board ups of windows and doors
  • Tree removal
  • and more…!

Wind Damage

wind damage restoration

Over time, the effect of high velocity winds pounding on your roof can create stress points. All roofs are designed to withstand typical wind gusts, but heavier winds combined with flying debris can comprise already stressed areas of your roof!

Hail Damage

hail storm damage repair

Most people won’t notice light hail during a storm, which is fine, because it likely won’t be causing any damage. However, if you can see or hear the hail hitting your windows, it has crossed over into damage causing territory.
Hail can damage your siding, roof, gutters and trim. It may appear as cosmetic
damage, a dent here and a chip there, but over time those small breaches in
your home’s defense can fester much larger problems. Damage causing hail can
tear away the granules on your shingles causing accelerated deterioration. A
small chip in paint can lead to larger scale peeling and cracking.
If you suspect you have damage from recent hail storms, you need a contractor to come and provide further inspection. The most visible and pertinent problem is the damage, but what can become of the missing shingle or siding is much worse.
Once wind and hail tears away at your home’s first line of defense, any water that enters through those areas can cause mold and microbial growth. A knowledgeable contractor will assess the damage and advise you as to whether the damage can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Direct Impact Damage & How To Repair (tree, power lines)

Your home’s roof was designed to withstand gusts of wind, but not every tree or pole has the same strength. Tree’s typically have a lifespan of 75-100 years, and that’s if they are healthy.
Dead and dying trees are your biggest threat when it comes to a direct impact on your home. A fallen limb or telephone pole can cause damage ranging from unnoticeable to catastrophic. If there has been impact on your roof or siding, the inside of your house is now vulnerable to the outside elements.
It is crucial to have a contractor there as soon as possible following impact to your home to set up containment. This is a form damage control where the immediate mess is cleaned up and whatever is left standing is protected.
Roof tarping and wall/window board ups will be the first step in preventing potential mold and microbial growth on the inside of your home. Once this containment is set, an insurance claim should be made so your house can be back on it’s way to keeping you safe, once again.

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Maxwell is a full service building company. We have the staff to handle a whole home re build to a roof replacement.


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