Not only does Maxwell Building Services provide disaster relief, we are also a full service contractor. That means when you hire Maxwell for a flooded basement cleanup or the removal of a fallen tree limb on house, we will see the project through the end.

When water damage is significant, it can spread under flooring and climb up drywall. If left for even 48 hours, those saturated materials need to be fully removed. 

*Cue Maxwell’s full service restoration*

Whether it’s flooring, carpet, drywall, even cabinetry, our team of fully licensed and insured technicians will repair or replace any compromised material. 

Maybe your house was the target of a recent storm, and all of nature’s frustrations has left you with wind damage or even direct impact damage.  If you have missing shingles, damaged shingles, blown off siding or siding damage from hail, we might have some good news!

We work with all insurance companies, making the reconstruction process a breeze for our client.  So even if you have a tree on house or a gaping hole in your ceiling, we can fix it, and get it done fast.

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