Get Winter Ready! Easy ways to prepare your property for changing weather

Is your home ready for winter?

Winter is fast approaching, and just about everyone around the country should be getting ready for it. As usual, we expect temperatures to be quickly declining, which is why you need to put measures in place that brace you for the harshest of conditions. This blog post is to help you start preparing your home.

Furnace Check

Your furnace is going to be working very hard this winter to keep you warm, how about showing it some love? You can start by changing the filter to ensure efficient airflow and cut energy costs. A dirty filter means your furnace has to work harder, not smarter. 

Giving your furnace a good scrub down will help improve its efficiency and longevity. If you’re so apt to do it yourself, follow this guide, or have a licensed HVAC technician come out for a tune-up! (We know a couple)

Warm Your Pipes

Freezing temperatures outside harden the ground by solidifying any available moisture. The same goes for excess moisture sitting under your house in your pipes. If your water pipes freeze, they will likely burst. 

To prevent this disaster and avoid water damage, keep your home at a consistent warm temperature.  Furthermore, keeping the cabinet doors open under your sinks and a slow trickle of water will help ward off frozen pipes.

Clean That Chimney

If you are going to be using your chimeny over the winter, its a good idea to have it cleaned out annually. Hiring a professional to have it cleaned and inspected is your best way to avoid possible house fires or  worse, carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additionally, a clean chimney means a more efficient fireplace and no unwanted house pests. I mean house guests.  

How About Humidity?

Maintaining appropriate humidity levels inside your home is crucial in preventing mold growth, cupped wood floors, and peeling wallpaper to name a few. The best way to ensure your home’s humidity level is right is by using a thermostat with a hygrometer.

The ideal relative humidity (RH) in your home should be between 40 and 50%.

Roof Repair

Don’t wait for the first snowfall to realize you need a roof inspection. Missing shingles, damaged shingles, cracked flashing and moss growth leave your home exposed and vulnerable. Don’t compromise the integrity of your home and have your roof inspected and repaired right away.

Exterior Cleanse

Temperatures drop and so do leaves. Your gutters do a great job of directing water away from your home, but they also happen to collect a lot of debris and leaves too. Have them cleaned so that the water from storms and melting snow can quickly find it’s way, far away from your house and your foundation.

You may also want to look up and check for weak or already damaged tree limb near your home. Extreme weather itself can cause loads of property damage, but clearing away any additional threats will help you in the long run. 

Because the only tree that you should find in your home this winter is a twinkling, decorated one.