How To Prevent Flooding From Outside Your Home

There are a large number of different sources from which flooding may come. While most people focus on flooding that comes from inside the home, it is also important to emphasize avoiding flooding from outside the home. Below are six ways to prevent flooding that comes from outside your home as recommended by our restoration experts at Maxwell Building Services in Rochester Hills.

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Slope Your Yard Correctly

The wrong slope of your yard can put your home at a much greater risk for flooding. The basic idea here is that the grade of your yard should be slightly sloped away from your home. That way, water will run off away from your home instead of towards your home. 

Do Your Landscaping Properly

The way you landscape your yard plays a surprisingly large role in either preventing or causing water damage. The main way that landscaping mistakes lead to flooding is when features of your yard, like trees, are placed above pipes in the ground. For example, if you have a tree in your yard that is above sprinkler system pipes that tree will eventually grow into the pipe and cause it to rupture. 

Install Window Well Covers

Installing window well covers is a very simple and cheap way to keep water damage out of your basement. Window well covers are very affordable and basic models can be bought for under $100. Don’t overlook this simple investment that will help keep your basement water damage free. 

Repair Weak Spots In Your Foundation

Over time, the foundation of your home will inevitably become weakened and cracked. When this happens, water is prone to seep in through the weak spots of your foundation and flood your home. If you suspect that you have this problem, you should have your home inspected to determine if you have any weak spots in your foundation that need to be repaired. You should also have this done if you live in an old home since it is extra vulnerable to being damaged. 

Check Your Water Bill Regularly

Your water bill is a great tool for helping you recognize possible leaks in or around your home. To do this, you should simply take a close look at your water bill each time it comes and compare it to past water bills. If it is significantly higher with no apparent reason, you may have an undetected leak somewhere. Usually these leaks come from outside since it is harder to detect them. 

Inspect Your Roof

Your first line of defense against rainwater damage is your roof. Your roof’s integrity is critical for protection against rainwater damage to both your home’s interior and its foundation. Inspect your roof regularly for damage or gaps that may invite floodwater. You should also make it a point to check your roof after a major storm. 

Don’t let your home be invaded by outside flood sources! Our team of restoration experts at Maxwell Building Services in Rochester Hills is here to help with any water damage restoration and prevention needs you may have.