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There Are Good Reasons Not To Clean Up Water Damage On Your Own

When it comes to water damage in your Troy home, it should not be taken lightly. Thanks to YouTube, informational blogs, and all of the information available online, there are many home improvement projects that can be done on your own without the help of a professional. DIY projects are great, but the DIY method […]

water damage cleanup troy, water damage repair troy, water damage troy

Categories Of Water In Water Disasters

When your home in Troy experiences any type of water damage, the situation is always devastating and overwhelming. Whether the water is from a sewer backup, malfunctioning appliance, or leaking pipes, each type of water damage is different. Based on the category of the water present, we at Maxwell Builders know there are different steps […]

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Water Damage – What To Do First

There’s nothing that throws a wrench in your plans quite like unexpected water damage. Perhaps you were away on vacation and your basement flooded or your roof leaked. Perhaps a pipe to your washing machine broke and you are now facing what seems like endless amounts of water in your home. Your plans are ruined, […]

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Water Damage Protection in Rochester Hills

How can being aware as a homeowner protect me against water damage in Rochester Hills?  “Water Damage” can mean a number of things: mold, rusting, erosion, musty odors, danger, delamination, and rotting, among other things. Yikes. And all of it generally comes at times when homeowners don’t expect it and aren’t prepared for the hassle […]