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How To Prevent Flooding From Outside Your Home

There are a large number of different sources from which flooding may come. While most people focus on flooding that comes from inside the home, it is also important to emphasize avoiding flooding from outside the home. Below are six ways to prevent flooding that comes from outside your home as recommended by our restoration […]

Four Facts for Finding the Builder of Your Dreams

We’ve all been there! Whether it be a planned remodel or an emergency fix, at some point or another you’ve had to hire a professional builder. There are hundreds of options out there, but how do you choose which one is best for you? Some criteria are obvious, like checking their portfolio or reviews, but […]

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Water Damage Protection in Rochester Hills

How can being aware as a homeowner protect me against water damage in Rochester Hills?  “Water Damage” can mean a number of things: mold, rusting, erosion, musty odors, danger, delamination, and rotting, among other things. Yikes. And all of it generally comes at times when homeowners don’t expect it and aren’t prepared for the hassle […]