Burn After Reading: A Note On House Fires

A house fire is one of the worst things that could happen to any homeowner, potentially losing all of your belongings and memories. Not to mention the house itself could be completely compromised.

An interesting fact about house fires is that most of them occur during summer months. The following are common causes of fire during the summer/hot weather and how to prevent them.


Cooking is the leading cause of house fires, more specifically kitchen fire), accounting for over 32 percent of all reported residential house fires during summers.

An unattended stove typically causes cooking fires by ignited grease or oil, or a burner can ignite an item near by. 

This is preventable by keeping items off and away from the stove top.

Outdoor cooking can also be dangerous; with mishandled propane being the culprit for most grill fires. 

In fact, 17 percent occur in July, with another 39 percent occurring in May, June, and August.

Electrical Malfunctions

Electrical malfunctions and short circuits commonly cause air conditioning fires.

To prevent such fires, it is important to have your air conditioning systems inspected annually.

In addition to saving your home from potential fires, routine inspections can also help keep your AC running more efficiently.

Old wiring and appliances , light fixtures, extension cords faulty outlets are some other common eletrical sources that may cause extensive fire damage.


Luckily for us Michiganders we have the ability to enjoy fireworks over the holidays, but fireworks are not toys and can cause serious fire damage. 

If you choose to light off fireworks remember to read all instructions carefully.

It’s a good idea to keep a bucket of water around in case of an accident or malfunction. Don’t allow children to ignite fireworks; always make sure there’s an adult around to supervise activities.

Do not point fireworks towards a person or house. If a firework does not light, don’t try to relight it; rather, soak it in water and throw it away.


Nothing beats summer nights sitting around a bonfire, am I right? But while we sit mesmerized by the glowing, roaring flames, we must remember this same beauty can turn into mass destruction.

Be sure to pay attention weather alerts for extremely dry conditions. One bucket of water may not be able to handle the beginnings of a vegetative fire.

Speaking of which, keep a source of water near the fire, whether it be a bucket or hose. Always make sure the fire is completely out before heading inside. 

A blown over lawn chair can be engulfed instantly and flames spread quickly across dry land. 

Air Conditioner Units

Everyone uses some kind of cooling unit during the summer, but a faulty A/C can actually cause things to heat up!

To prevent an A/C appliance fire keep all flammable materials away from the unit.

Make sure the unit is cleaned frequently, as dust particles and dirt can block airflow and cause a malfunction in the system.

Old or compromised wiring can also cause sparks and ignite the unit.

An old fan, which is responsible for cooling the unit itself, can fail and cause excess heat to buildup, potentially catching fire. 

If you have an old A/C or your newer A/C isn’t working properly, call an experienced HVAC contractor to inspect the unit before your home becomes ravaged by fire.


Lightning strikes show how vulnerable we are to nature’s power. Summer, is peak season for the nation’s deadliest weather phenomena.

During summer, lightning strikes may cause fire hence the need to install lightning arrestors. Lightning protection systems work by interrupting the flow of electricity and passing it through to ‘ground.’

If lightning does strike your home, it will likely touch down on our roof or attic. When lightning comes into contact with combustible materials such as wood and wiring, an attic fire may arise.

During storms, try to avoid coming in contact with items that carry electricity such as appliances and wired devices. Refrain from showering, washing hands or dishes, as water is an electrical conductor.

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