Bring the Cat Inside! Wind Advisory in Full Affect

4 May

Bring the Cat Inside! Wind Advisory in Full Affect

Many people don’t realize that the spring season brings about the worst of storms.  Although Michigan isn’t located in tornado alley, we sure aren’t safe from severe weather and the storm damage that results.

Over the past few days Southeast Michigan has been under a wind warning, with speeds being recorded as high as 65 mph. To give you some context:

  • 50 mph winds require people to bend over in order to maintain balance and are strong enough to knock down a large tree
  • 70 mph wind gusts are the maximum strength that humans can tolerate before being blown away

NOAA classifies wind speeds over 50 mph to be damaging, which can mean blown off shingles and blown off siding. As speeds reach closer to 60 mph wind damage can mean blown out windows and flying carpets of roofing material.

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But just sit tight for now. Try not to park under any trees and be careful opening doors as they might just break off. If you don’t have to go outside- just don’t. These wind speeds kick up debris, making leaves and twigs feel like sticks and stones.

Once the wind advisory is lifted you really should inspect your home for wind damage. You’ll want to check for large fallen branches on or near your house and perhaps for slabs of your roof in neighbourring yards.

In the event you are missing a part or parts of your roof, get a contractor to tarp your roof right away. This will prevent further damage to the interior of your home from roof leaks while you figure out whether it’s a simple roof repair or an entire replacement.  

If you don’t see any obvious damage to your house, look at the houses around you. If you can see evident damage such as missing shingles, torn off gutters, broken trees, then your area was hit hard, and it wouldn’t be surprising if your roof was compromised as well.

Maxwell conveniently offers free roof inspections in Oakland County and Macomb County. So whether you’re missing chunks of your house or suspect a few shingles have torn off, give us a call. There really is no job too big or too small.

Most insurance policies will cover wind damage to roof to some extent, and we have experience working with many insurance companies and their various policies. Maxwell Building Services is a trusted consultant and leading wind damage company proudly servicing Oakland and Macomb Counties.

Check out this video shot of 50-60 mph winds. Even though it’s not Michigan, you can understand the type of damage that can be caused. Skip forward to about 3:00 mins into the video for the good stuff!